Iwano Ryu /Ryu Julius [陳 頌文(Chen・Songwen)]

A quality education will change your life, 180 degrees.

About Iwano Ryu/ Ryu Julius /陳 頌文 (Chen・Songwen)

Founder of the R. Julius Foundation

Provides “Jewish Family Teachings” through corporate training and personal consulting, and has produced many successful individuals.

  • Mixed Taiwanese and Dutch mother, half Taiwanese and half Japanese father.
  • Speaks Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and English
  • Taiwanese name: Chen Songwen Japanese name: Makoto Iwano
  • Since he was physically weak, he changed his name from Makoto to Ryu on his grandfather’s advice.
  • At age 12, Ryu’s older sister married into a Jewish family. He decided to move to Beverly Hills, California at her invitation.
  • He received special education and training over the years from his Jewish in-laws. He was given the name Ryu Julius by his sister’s family to use for teaching in the classroom.


  • 2000 Admission to Santa Monica College
  • 2004 Transferred to and graduated from California State University, Northridge
  • 2006 Establishment of Peace World, a voluntary charity organization
  • 2007 Participated in various organizations to learn the differences between NPOs in the U.S. and other countries
  • 2008 Started awareness campaign for “Peace world”, a support activity for underprivileged children.
    • Charity event held with the cooperation of celebrities
  • 2009 Started an educational business spreading Jewish family philosophy.
    • Named by a Jewish family as an educator: Ryu Julius
  • 2010 10-day practical program “Beverly Hills Training Tour” @USA, completed in 2020
  • 2013 3-Day Stress Management Practice “Hong Kong & Macau Tour” @China – Present
  • 2016 7-day team building training “Diamond Tour” @ USA 2020 Completed
  • 2019 3-day leadership development camp “Kingdom Tour” @ USA 2020 End 
  • 2020 Jewish Philosophy Teacher Training Program “Earning Education” @ ZOOM – Present
  • 3-Day Communication Improvement Training camp “Hot spring training camp” @ Japan – Present
  • 2023 Establishment of R. Julius Foundation (educational foundation)

Based on the belief that “education changes lives” we provide the wonderful philosophies of our predecessors to as many people as possible. In addition, as a contribution to society, we support those whom have the desire to learn but are disadvantaged due to handicaps or other reasons through education scholarships.

Books featuring Ryu Julius

  • The Best Family Education Ever Passed Down to Jewish Millionaires.”
    • By Taro Amatsutsumi
  • The Lost Child of Enterprise and the Jewish God
    • By Meiko Kihara
  • The Jewish Teachings for Living Fiercely. Jewish Teachings for Living Hot.”
    • By Hiro Abe
  • Entrepreneurial Lost Child and Jewish God: A Jewish business theory that a contract employee with a net income of 160,000 quit his job and achieved 10 times the sales
    • By Kihara Meiko
  • Entrepreneur Lost Child and the Jewish God vol3
    • By Kihara Meiko
  • The Best Educational Method in History
    • By Mikami Tomoko, Hayamizu Takeharu, Mizuno Miho, Wada Masako