Foundation Philosophy

“To discover and nurture this generation’s leaders for the betterment of the next generation.”

Next generation = our children and grandchildren *Leaders of this generation = who we should be

What’s Next?

1. Educational platform (a system that allows people to regularly study life from the comfort of their own homes)

Wisdom of material and spiritual society *Money, time, relationships, health

2.Work with the United Nations to address social issues (primarily, in education)

*Aid for war and disasters in Japan, developing countries, and

3.Talent Search(contests, internships)

International Art Prize: An international art competition in which paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other works are judged. Awards are given to outstanding artists.

Tech Innovators Hackathon: Hackathon events related to technology and innovation where people with skills in programming, AI, data science, etc. compete against each other.